Best Socks for Sneakerheads

Best Socks for Sneakerheads

Why on earth would we claim that our socks are the are not only the best socks for sneakers, but the best socks for sneakerheads?

As sneakerheads ourselves, we knew that getting into the business of making socks would require the time and effort to produce a product worthy of going on your feet. We went through a long sampling and wear testing process to ensure that not only were our colors and designs on point, but that the construction and materials were as well.

Our first run of comfy crew socks are all made with a soft, mid-weight combed-cotton blend making them breathable enough to wear all year long. Terry cushioning and a compression band were added to the foot of the sock for additional comfort and padding. The end result is a comfortable sock that not only feels premium, but also holds up in both its quality and durability.

We wanted to make sure that whether you were rocking our socks along side a pair of grails, a specific color way, some beaters, or even just your slides, that your feet would be as comfortable as possible.

As part of our commitment to creating the best socks for sneakerheads, we also deeply care what our customers think! If you have any feedback or questions about our products, please check our FAQs or contact us.

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