ZX 8000 Aqua

ZX 8000 Aqua

Some ZX 8000 Aqua History

After debuting in 1988, the ZX 8000 model dropped in the Aqua color way in 1989 to an instant cult following. Accenting the deep, vibrant aqua hue with bright yellow and a bold purple, the model created a look both classic and futuristic.

Since then, the ZX 8000 Aqua has gone on to be released several more times, including in subtle variations of the same trio of aqua, yellow and purple. The ZX 8000 Aqua color has also found its way on to other models, including the LXCON 94, Torsion Comp, ZX Carbon 4D, Ultraboost DNA, and ZX 6000 'Inside Out XZ 0006' pairs.

What Inspired Us

One of our all-time favorite color ways of the ZX 8000, the aqua color itself can evoke many different feelings, especially when worn as part of your outfit. We wanted to make some comfy socks that would extend those feelings from your sneakers to your socks.

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